Reserve Wines

Clos LaChance produces wines from our 150-acre Estate vineyard in San Martin, CA and the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains. These wines showcase the diversity of varietals that have popularized the Northern Central Coast region and excited winemaker Stephen Tebb. “We have taken considerable time and effort to study our vineyard and plant varietals where they grow best. With so many micro-climates, each wine we produce truly embodies the terroir we’re blessed to work with day after day,” says Tebb. “And, they reflect true varietal characteristics that wine lovers have come to enjoy.”
With a wide range of varietals, these wines are often considered Clos LaChance’s staples. Made in larger volumes than the Designate Series, these wine are featured in the Wine Club as well as in the Tasting Room and online.
Photo for Reserve Wines category
  • 2013 Reserve Merlot Photo
    2013 Reserve Merlot

    Lighter rim, decent legs. Aromas of dark cherry and rosemary. Medium tannins, medium acidity. 

  • 2013 Reserve Petit Sirah Photo
    2013 Reserve Petit Sirah

    Very dark, aromas of cranberry, boysenberry with medium tannins. 

  • 2013 Reserve Rhone Blend Photo
    2013 Reserve Rhone Blend

    Coming soon. 

  • 2014 Reserve Meritage Photo
    2014 Reserve Meritage

    Coming soon. 

  • 2014 Reserve Syrah Photo
    2014 Reserve Syrah

    Aromas of blackberry, cherry, oak and mixed nuts. Medium to high tannins and acid. Flavors of plum, black cherry, pepper and vanilla. 

  • 2014 Reserve Viognier Photo
    2014 Reserve Viognier

    Very pale light straw in color. Stone fruit, peach and apricot. Medium acidity. 

  • 2015 Reserve Chardonnay Photo
    2015 Reserve Chardonnay
    Light-medium straw in color with aromas of green apple, pear and pineapple. Flavors of honey and ginger. 
  • 2015 Reserve Pure Chardonnay Photo
    2015 Reserve Pure Chardonnay

    Light to medium color. Aromas of tasted oak and vanilla. Light to medium tannins. 

  • 2015 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc LOT 2 Photo
    2015 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc LOT 2

    Aromas of lime rind, grapefruit and freshly mown grass. Very refreshing. 

  • 2012 Reserve Zinfandel Port Photo
    2012 Reserve Zinfandel Port

    Ruby red with a slight meniscus. Aromas of dried fruits, cherry, blackberry. Hint of cinnamon. Balanced acidity. 

  • 2013 Late Harvest Zinfandel Photo
    2013 Late Harvest Zinfandel

    Dark purple in color with a light purple rim. Aromas of cherry pie filling, red raspberries and dried rose petals. 

  • 2013 Reserve Cabernet Franc Photo
    2013 Reserve Cabernet Franc

    Dark opaque rim. Aromas of cherries, sweet like pie filling. Dark chocolate. Medium to high tannins. 

  • 2013 Reserve Grenache Photo
    2013 Reserve Grenache

    Almost opaque but not quite. Aromas of strawberries, red grapes, hint of coffee. Medium acidity and light tannins. 

  • 2014 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Photo
    2014 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

    Rich purple color. Aromas of red currants and dried cranberries. Medium to hight tannins and acidity. Very dry. 

  • 2015 Reserve Pinot Noir Photo
    2015 Reserve Pinot Noir